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Welcome to Vidyasagar Teachers' Training Institute:


              Education is the touchstone of the civilization and culture of a country. It is generally considered to be the backbone of national ideals. Vidyasagar as a social reformer and educationist moved our thoughts. His contribution to female education, widow marriages and development of Bengali language touches our heart and his philosophy forces us to open a B. Ed college to a remote backward village for enlighten the various human race and society.
             We are proud to open a B.Ed college to our Akalpoush village to serve the mankind. We are now living in an era of knowledge explosion but education is a lifelong process of all round development of the personality. In this light our aims and object is to spread the education through the remote village to nation.
            Our college is the assimilations of science and humanities. We will highlight the scientific approaches of personality development in spiritual atmosphere within formal and informal education system. It will be the holiest place of students, parents and villagers. We expect infinite blessing, co-operation and suggestions from each and every citizen for improvement, always, everywhere. 

                                                                      Mr. Tapas Kumar Dinda
                                                    VIDYASAGAR TEACHER’S TRANING INSTITUTE.


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